4 Part Carbonless Forms

4 Part Carbonless Forms

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  • Same information on 4 pages instantaneously
  • Forwarding to different departments, legal and property documents.
  • No loss of vital information
  • Customized designs and texts

Carbonless forms have gained a huge market since their advent in the market. The major aspect of no extra carbon paper use has made these forms popular amongst all the major organizations where paper documentation and records are still maintained. The 4 Part carbonless forms are only used where multiple copies of the receipts and documents are to be managed and maintained. 4 part carbonless forms are available in multiple colors so as to differentiate between the copies of records maintained for different target audience. 4 Part carbonless forms are primarily used where data is collected and distributed in a bulk by individuals or when an organization needs to instantly verify a customer’s information through its different departments like technical teams, accounts and legal team.

Key Features:

Environment Friendly:

Carbonless forms are environment friendly since no extra electricity is used for either printing or photocopying besides easy to discard and can decompose instead of becoming a hazard to the soil. Also the sheets are made of regular paper thus putting no extra burden for any innovation.

Less Expensive:

Companies prefer using 4 Part Carbonless forms since there is no extra cost of photocopying or printing.

Ease of Use:

The use of multi layer 4 part carbonless paper is easy as compared to using carbon paper under a regular sheet of paper where even the quality of carbon paper used can affect the accuracy of the copies. So comparatively this takes less effort and saves time.