4 Panel CD Jackets

4 Panel CD Jackets

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  • Good for storing paired CDs
  • Custom Designs, CMYK colors, Informative Text
  • 80 LB and 100 LB cards
  • Music, Business, Educational CDs, Program CDs, Exercise etc

4 Panel CD Jacket is a feasible option to store CDs when there is less space and more  information to share. Most importantly, it helps to combine the pairs of multiple CD data and store them easily at one place. Keeping CDs in pairs according to the nature of the data on those CDs helps in managing the stock easily and also allows easy location of the CDs at the time of requirement. This requires a proper 4 panel CD Jacket printing with relevant information on it according to the content of the CDs.  4 Panel CD jacket helps in keeping dual CDs in a single cover making them more resistant to scratches and for easy handling.

Personal Use:

To protect the collection of CDs with a person, one would always like to keep them in a safe place to protect from scratches or any breakage possibility resulting in their loss. 2 Panel CD Jackets are the most feasible for personal use as keeping two related CDs in a single cover makes it easier for an individual to use them. University/College/High School assignments and projects, music, online books and downloadable programs require long term storage in the CDs. The 4 panel CD Jackets help in protecting the sets of various CDs in one pack with their description on the jacket that helps in locating the related CDs whenever required making it more time efficient and orderly.

Professional Use

Offices or organizations where the data is shared in bits and pieces, 4 panel CD Jackets and 4 panel CD sleeves help a lot. By delivering the CDs in a protective casing there is no fear of them being damaged by heat or humidity or data being lost due to a system shutdown (which happens in intranets).