3 Part Carbonless Forms

3 Part Carbonless Forms

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  • Makes instantaneous 2 copies of the original information
  • Small Businesses, Information record by the salesman.
  • Quotations, Orders etc
  • Easy to use, cost efficient

With a focus on making the client business relation more personal as well as keeping the company status quo with relation to customers; document and forms being filled up by the customer by a company rep is now a requirement for both small and large scale businesses. Keeping multiple records is extremely beneficial not only for exchanging information between different departments but for taxation and other legal purposes.   It is not an easy task to keep writing same text on different sheets or continuously placing carbon paper to get the best copies of the same document on multiple sheets. Even constant photocopies or print out is a time consuming/costly practice. Today managing such records has been made easy by the help of 3 part carbonless printing.

Environment friendly:

These carbonless forms are environment friendly since the use of carbon paper is now limited. Carbon paper had immense biodegradation/disposal problems. 3 parts carbonless forms reduce disposal costs and their production is also environmentally friendly.

Less Expensive

With less use of resources, and also printing of the document on the same sheet, the 3 part carbonless form reduces the expense of printing and manufacturing, and thus makes it uncomplicated and easy to manage the forms in a perfect way.  

Easy to use:

The 3 parts carbonless printing has made the multiple copy making extremely easy and thus without any hassle the record and data can be managed easily. 3 part carbonless forms have made it easy to manage and maintain information in a symmetrical way. The copies are easy to tear off without any damage to the original information and the copies are neither blurry nor smudged.