2 Part Carbonless Forms

2 Part Carbonless Forms

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  • Duplicates information without wasting time or resources
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to discard
  • For: Surveys, Bank Receipts (cash deposit and withdrawal), property deeds, etc

Printing forms have been one of the prime requirements of businesses so that they can maintain their records and transactions on daily basis. To make an instant copy of a filled form the use of carbon paper was very common but the management and maintenance of carbon papers was really a difficult task. Placing carbon paper and removing it on regular intervals, was one of the most time consuming  tasks which has now been brought to an end with the introduction of 2 part carbonless forms.

Key Features:

The 2 part carbonless papers come with complete printed data entry details which make it easy for the organizations to make receipts and record the transactions easily as well as maintain dual copies of a single transaction for proof.

Safe for Environment:

The material used in the manufacturing of the 2 part carbonless paper/NCR is safe for environment because of the low or negligible Carbon content and a much shorter bio-degradable period.

Less Expensive:

2 part carbonless forms printing costs less as compared to a single form with carbon paper. The low cost of NCR paper attracts the companies to get their receipts copied instantly and data recorded cheaply.  

Ease of Use:

The 2 part carbonless NCR is easy to manage and use, it is also light weight and fits in folders or bags. Making on spot copies is now a layman’s game. The hassle of finding the write surface for placing carbon paper has been removed due to the NCR paper.