10 OZ Vinyl Banners

10 OZ Vinyl Banners

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• Water resistant
• Stuck on walls or windows – need a surface to peg onto
• Flexible and Portable
• Product promotion or real estate advertisement
• Used in Birthdays, Graduations, or Homecoming

Waterproof Banners that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Outdoors they are normally hung on walls since they are not wind resistant. Being both flexible and portable they have now gained popularity as a marketing tool. At we offer to print 10 oz Vinyl Banners for you. You can select from our sample designs (standard option) or you can make your own banner in our custom view.

You give your design and text and select from our options of size and colors giving your own recommendations. Our technical experts then fine tune your artwork and give you a finished product as per your requirement.

Professional Uses

It could be to build anticipation for an upcoming product or movie or a concert or divert people’s attention to a cause or in launch parties or educational seminars or charity events. The first thing that a politician or an artist or a theatre or a company or a hotel would start its marketing campaign would be to design a banner. Vinyl Banners can also be stuck on wharfs. They are used to advertise seasonal/holiday sales as well as sales deals. They may contain a motivational message when used for promoting causes or just one sentence which would make you want to buy a product. Property sale or leasing or opening of a new restaurant or promoting an entrepreneurship venture all start with a banner. The Graduation party or the welcome day at a high school or a university or a church event all need banner printing to get their message across.

Personal Uses

A welcome home message for a returning war hero or a birthday party or an anniversary or a society meeting or a bake sale or a garage sale etc are all times that a vinyl banner is needed. Simply sit on your desktop and order our 10 oz vinyl banner.