#10 Envelopes

#10 Envelopes

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  • Used for business correspondence
  • Will fit in A4 and A5 paper folded easily
  • Some organizations may specify usage of these
  • Different designs of both inner and outer flaps
  • A smaller envelope inside which can be returned by the customer

Tairy Greene or number 10 envelopes normally are of 4⅛ × 9½ (inches). It is a standard business envelope used by companies to send their correspondence. An A4 size paper in three (uneven) folds easily fits in these envelopes.

Previously very simple white envelopes these are now available in different colors and hold the company logo as well as return address. You may even have a white envelope with a colored strip (company color) so that the envelope looks official retains the classy look but also promotes the brand image. Sweepstakes can specify the usage of these particular envelopes and may reject your entry in any other size.

Design can be on the inner flaps, e.g. a typical company envelope printing might be white or pale yellow from the front but have an interesting pattern on the inside. They may also have small images printed on the sides of the front flap e.g. showing the company to support PETA or environment or a new product picture for advertising. Another creative idea would be to have a white envelope but with blurred designs showing up as well.

No. 10 envelopes sent to customers are normally self-addressed where the recipient does not have to pay postal charges to return it. Since number 9 envelopes can easily fit in them they can be sent to the customers as return envelopes as well. Normally in top flap and side flap designs these can be customized to your requirements at With our online printing, you can order any quantity specifying the paper quality, text designs and folds you want printed.

Innovative designing and colors have diversified the use of #10 envelopes.